Challenging the Status Quo

Changing business conditions and the emergence of new technologies are accelerating the need for new processes and equipment. Manufacturers typically recommend equipment replacement or costly upgrades to improve productivity. Confirmed Automation will find ways to create the same level of improvement at a much lower cost, by improving the operation of the existing equipment.

A team of operations experts has created our process, with continuous focus on operations improvement.

The Confirmed Automation Systems approach optimizes the operation of the existing equipment. We focus on monitoring and improving the control of current equipment to provide our customers with significant and sustainable productivity gains. With our approach, payback is often measured in months rather than years.


At Confirmed Automation, we believe that consistent operation leads to efficient operation.

We monitor all system components to avoid waste.

When our projects are complete, our clients are able to remotely monitor and alarm to ensure continued efficient operation.


We aim to improve the average running rate of equipment in order to move it closer to the design capacity.

By helping operators monitor equipment behavior, we encourage equipment operation at consistently higher rates.

Our system controls and monitors the production lines, allowing them to run continuously and effectively.

We support your maintenance teams, making sure that they receive all the information they need to keep lines running.