We are Capacity Specialists!

Confirmed Automation Systems Inc., was founded by manufacturing professionals from numerous industries with varied backgrounds in operations, maintenance, automation, electrical, and Information technology. Our ability to incorporate all of this expertise into a unified tool, results in redefining operational capacities and implementing controls and procedures to automatically maintain optimal levels. Full visibility of production systems in real time creates unavoidable excellence in operational performance. If you have an automated production/processing environment, we can improve your operation.

Operational Capacity > Design Capacity

Refined Productivity Management (RPM) redefines operational capacity. Typically, mill or factory "design capacity" is based on a cumulative operating capacity calculation that ignores synchronization potential and controls capabilities. By redesigning controls and components supported by real time operations intelligence, RPM allows us to achieve what can be done, and gives us the software tools to keep us operating at that redefined level. We’ve had such a huge impact on our clients' productivity that we actually questioned the data ourselves. But after over 100 projects, we realize the impact of RPM is unavoidable.

Operations Intelligence

Visibility of operations metrics at all levels from the operating equipment to the board room through a single interface.

Visualization and Analytics capabilities of production enviornments.

Automated production and compliance reporting.



At Confirmed Automation, we believe that consistent operation leads to efficient operation.

We monitor all system components to minimize waste generating scenarios, and wherever possible, create automated responses to prevent such conditions from occurring.

When our projects are complete, our clients are able to remotely assess site operating conditions and productivity levels in real time.

Coal Stack


We aim to improve the average running rate of equipment in order to move it closer to the true operational capacity.

Operators are provided with real-time feedback on equipment performance which encourages consistently higher throughput rates.

Our system controls and monitors the production lines, allowing for continuous operation and virtually eliminating unplanned interruptions.

Maintenance teams receive all component status information allowing optimal equipment performance levels and service scheduling.